Thursday, January 2, 2014

For the First Time in Forever

Boston Redsox Snapback - MLB
Grey Coat - Zara
Studded Bag - H&M
Cross-patterned Sweater - New Look
Black Boots - Topshop

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!! 

I can't believe that we actually passed 2013 already, time flies indeed. First of all, I'm so sorry for missing in more than a month, I've been really busy with my preparations for finals, finals, christmas party and dinners, and of course packing. Yes, I'm coming back home for winter break! Can't wait!
But first, before I go back home, my family (minus my dad) and my church's friends are coming to Korea so I'm joining them with their tour from Dec. 29th - Jan. 5th. I'll post more about that in few days but for now, let's talk about new year resolution.

To be honest when I think about it, I never make any new year resolution for 2013. It wasn't because I know it won't happened but more like I didn't know what to expect. 2013 has been one of the most difficult, challenging yet fun and game changing for me. I learned a lot of things and I matured a lot. (Well at least that's what I feel)
But for this year, I decided to make one. So here's mine!

1. Get closer to God
2. Lose some weight 
3. Get a job
4. Do challenging things for the first time as much as possible

And that point number 4 explains this post's title. I love challenging things so I'm thinking of trying to learn archery, shooting and definitely going to do muay thai again! And yes, I've been addicted to Frozen these days. 

How about your new year resolution?

Love, Andreina


  1. want to "Lose some weight" again :D What females don't? My friends and family already told me to gain more weight and stop everything I do for diet. And actually, yes I miss my chubby face back then when I was in highshcool. The problem is... I can't make my face mooore chubby without making my stomach chubby too.. (read: buncit) :'D
    (maap yaaaaa curhat dadakan) habisnya meskipun pingin gendut dikit, aku selalu panik waktu liat angka timbangan naik sekilo

  2. love the bag so much! <3 Happy New Year :))

    Diary of a Dreamer

  3. happy new year! nice blog and outfit
    shall we follow?bloglovin/facebook

  4. Wow you looks so gorgeous !!! Love your outfits so much <333


  5. cool cap and shoes :D


  6. Archery? If you come to Spain I can teach you archery, lol
    I'll pray for your new year's resolutions (:

  7. Gita :D

    Thanks for inspiring me for making blog !
    Youre really the most ever positive thinking person i tell ya :)

    See youuu around !