Monday, January 28, 2013

Satisfying Short Trip

Hello readers! If you live in Jakarta, you were probably experiencing the same thing as me, flood, flood everywhere. But I'm not going to complain that much today, although the water got into my house, luckily my stuffs all have been "evacuated" so as long as the electricity still on, I will survive :)

Anyway, I just got back from my belated holiday from Bangkok, Thailand. The thing is, I didn't bring my camera's charger so I couldn't take much photos there :(

Fringe Jack Daniels Top - Bali (I cut and made the fringes myself)
Studded Black Shorts - Unbranded (I also put the studs myself)
Star-patterned Bracelet - Zealot (Thai Store)
Black String Leather Cuff - (Store at Jakarta Fashion Market)
Black Boots - Topshop 

My view from my tuk-tuk. Lemme tell you, I LOVE TUK-TUK. So fast, so windy and I feel like racing in the middle of crowded Bangkok Street. I was suddenly feel so cool.

I'm making my first 2013 resolution by the way, to post more often in this blog! Yayy! I will try to be more honest to you guys (not that I'm not honest all this time, it's just I feel I'm too secure that I think I need to express my feelings more. And because I love writing posts)

And I also have uploaded new stuffs to my online shop readers, go check it out! :)

Anyway, 2 days ago, I spilled drops of water on my Macbook's trackpad and my trackpad pretty much broken and the cursor was going crazy moving on its own. When I asked iBox (Indonesia's Apple Service Centre), they said it might cost me 2 million rupiah! (Around US$200) And also, I need to leave my notebook there for freaking 10 days! I'M SPEECHLESS! I can't live without my notebook for 10days, I guess, but anyway, let we skipped the shocking part and move to the miracle part. After I came back from my church, my trackpad suddenly worked, miraculously! It still going crazy on its own sometimes, but now I can use it at least! :) Thank you GOD <3
miracles DO HAPPEN! Guys, don't give up just yet! 

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Les Misérables

Okay, I'm struggling to organize my mind right now. Les Mis is messing with my mind. I never watched the original Broadway show nor read the novel so I'm not gonna compare it. I knew the story though. I've heard their songs and of course, a big fan of them.
Haaahh, okay, calm down Gita...

First, as expected from big names such as Les Miserables. I'm so thrilled. It's BEAUUUUTIFUL!
The songs, well, no doubt, awesome. The scores is amazing. (I'm a big fan of film scores). The settings are ALL so precise.
But above all, I must admit, the cast is PERFECT! Mind blowing...
I was being skeptical by thinking whether Anne Hathaway gonna nailed her character or not. Well, she was successful in making me cried. I could really feel her pain in her voice, again, mind blown.
And later I read from the internet that Anne's mom, Kate McCauley was potraying Fantine in Les Mis' first U.S. tour. No wonder!
Amanda Seyfried is definitely getting better since Mamma Mia! and she'll forever be one of my most favorite actress. But I feel that she was overshadowed by the other casts. Well, she's Cosette to begin with.
Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe... What can I say? Big voice, undoubtedly great actors. I just love how versatile Hugh Jackman a.k.a. Jean Valjean is.
Samantha Barks as Eponine was perfection for me! Her rendition of "On My Own" was really stunning and her part in "In My Life/A Heart Full of Love" was simply catches my heart (Sorry, Amanda). She was also potraying Eponine in Les Mis' show so she started as stage actress and beautifully adapted to movie actress. Chills...
Eddie Redmayne, truly scene stealer. Good looks, great acting and splendid voice. What's not to like? His "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" was so real and so touching. Chills, again.
And who was surprised when suddenly Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen appeared?? They're so funny and "Master of the House" was so pleasant to be heard. Gosh I just love them!
Isabelle Allen!!! I almost forgot our little young Cosette. She's so pretty and her "Castle on a Cloud" was nothing but genuine. But I still think that (young) Lea Michelle's rendition of "Castle on a Cloud" was a little bit better, vocal wise. Nothing against Isabelle though, I think she nailed her role :)
Also, what's blowing my mind is that they actually record the song live-on-set!! For the sake of capturing the real moment and creative freedom. As Eddie Redmayne said, the cast would heard the piano track via earpiece and sang it live.

Minus Points : Near to NONE! But I must point this, a little, shaky hand-held camera in "Valjean's Soliloquy" and I think that's it. I'm just so in love with this movie that I'm afraid that I'm being so bias.

And to close the movie, The Finale/ Valjean's Death and "Do You Hear the People Sing" were BRILLIANT!!! I really couldn't hold my tears and totally choking up! So GRAND! OHMY, they DESERVE proper standing ovations!
I'm so happy that I've been given the chance to watch this life changing movie. Definitely gonna buy their Soundtrack Album. Definitely. Mark my words!

MVP  : Anne Hathaway
My Most Favorite Song : "I Dreamed a Dream"

One of Best Renditions of I Dreamed A Dream

To conclude this, I'm gonna quote my friends' thought about Les Mis.
"One thing that I got from Les Mis, is about human being. It's not about what's right and what's wrong which was defined by law, but rather what's right or wrong in your position, as a human being. Your choice is not always right in law but it's the right thing to do as a human"
"I only have one word for this movie, strong. Everything about this movie is so powerful." 
 I think Les Mis is worth watching and definitely means more than average movie to me. :)

My Rating : 9.5/10

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Awesome Year Awaits Us!

Okay first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 has been an awesome year that I certainly will never ever forget! :)
Sorry to break it down to you guys but holiday is officially over and it's time to go down to the rabbit hole... So sad

Anyway, my best friend got this huge problem, yes, love problem that seriously complicated. ( Don't worry, she gives me permission to mention her problem explicitly on my blog, she said it's better to have third parties' opinion as much as possible )
So my friend has a close senior friend in her faculty, let's call him A, A turns out to have a crush on my friend, but my friend doesn't like him like that, because she actually has a crush on B who actually A's best friend.
Things get complicated because if one of them knows about my friend's feeling, things would be hella awkward and it probably would ruined the chance of B liking my friend since my friend describes B as bros-before-hoes kind of guy. And my friend said that A is an important friend of hers and she doesn't want to ruin their friendship, she also already tried to gives A signs that she has no interests and him to back off .
Pretty tangled right? Damn straight out of comic love stories. LOL. What do you guys think?

By the way, last month, I went to my friends' birthday dinner at Luna Negra. It was definitely a fun night :) (And the friend that i'm talking about above is not in this dinner celebration, just saying :P )

I forget the name of this dish, but it's pretty much chicken breast fillet  with lemon sauce.
I like it, the sauce gives this fresh feeling in your taste buds rather than dense pasta :)

I also forget this drink's name. Blame my bad memory.
But I remember that this cocktail is a mix of Raspberry Juice and Vodka. I never an avid fan of Cocktail, but this one, awesome :) 

Dark Green Lace Mini Dress - H&M
Crocodile Skin Nude Handbag - MANGO
Ankle-Strap Lace Stilettos - Charles & Keith

p.s.  i'm actually writing this post in the middle of my korean class. Yes, I'm bored.

Love, Andreina