Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busan Fashion Week 2013 + Halloween!

Zebra Sweater - Forever 21
Mullet Skirt - Random shop in Singapore
Stiletto Shoes - Forever 21

Although the title is Busan Fashion Week, I don't have any BFW-related photos that I can show you. Why? Because other than somehow I can't take any good photos, I feel kind of disappointed with the shows. This is my first BFW so I really expected A LOT from the shows. Well, I have no right to critize the shows because I'm just mere fashion design student but somehow I found some of the designs that I watched are quite boring and the place were not as grand as I thought it would be.
I thought the shows would be super packed and all, WRONG! Even when we could easily get the ticket, the shows weren't even crowded.

By the way, about the patch on my knees, so few days before BFW, I tripped over sidewalk so yeah now you know how clumsy I am. LOL

But I feel really glad, I got featured by some street-styler photographer/blogger there. Thanks Echeveau and Ian Kim. Of course I'm still not as fancy and fashionable as other people here but thank you so much, it meant so much for me.

Anyway, I went to early halloween party with my friends and it was super fun!! I always love halloween because I simply love dressing up. Last year, I couldn't celebrate it because I got into a minor accident while this year, I only have basically 1 day to prepare my costume because I made the clothes myself and it's not easy to get the accessories here as korean don't really celebrate halloween.
I don't even have proper full body shot!!! Gosh! I should've taken it.

Sorry guys, low quality.

Nevertheless, I was having so much fun! :)

Love, Andreina


  1. Lovely skirt and hope your knees heal soon. :)

  2. this black & white look suits you really well! and makes your hair color pop up! congrats for being featured pretty ><

  3. in lovee with your sweater muchooo! was BFW that disappointing? ugh, i wish i have a chance to watch it :p anyway looks like you have a fun halloween :)


    1. it was disappointing. at least for me and my friends

  4. That sweater is sooooo beautiful! Love the look...and the costumes ^^


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  5. U beautiful~
    Then again when you want to take the opportunity to
    thank you~

  6. Well, maybe next year the show will be better. Just try to give it a shot again! You look fabulous here anyway. Love the sweater!

  7. Gorgeous fashion week outfit! Love the sweater :)

  8. love the sweater!