Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Mysterious End of Seasons

It's almost December already. And without even realizing it, it's winter already. Well, not that I feel any difference in Indonesia but, my friends who were studying abroad were ALL complaining about how cold this winter.
In my case, I'm sooo not ready to ditch my colorful clothes! I mean, it's literally summer everyday in Indonesia! :D (It's starting to rain though, LOL)

Yellow Green Shirt - Forever21
Orange Shorts - Forever21
Crimson Pink Sling Bag - Berrybenka

There's something seriously wrong with my camera. As you can see on the last photo, there's this weird line and it gives the blurry effect.. I'm so confused. The weird thing is, sometimes didn't happened. So out of, let's say, 10 photos, 4 of it was perfectly normal. Anybody have any idea why this happened? 

Anyway, have a great day people. I think it's gonna be pretty severe winter. Unlike celebrities who could afford expensive gateaway to some tropical island like Maldives or Guam, you can always come to Indonesia, it's so sunny here too! :)

Love, Andreina

Thursday, November 8, 2012

VQueen's 3rd Anniversary Dinner

Instead of Eye Candy, for this week, finally I can post some pieces of my life :D

VQueen is my dance team and we were celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in Negev. Our anniversary is actually on October 26th, but because of few reasons, we couldn't celebrate it that day so the dinner was changed to November 3rd.
It was so fun since we barely met since college started, so this was such a pleasant reunion.
And it's awesome because our coach slash our daddy, Ko Erick and also Ko Frans could join this dinner with us! Since they're always so busy :)
There's also our dance mate, Iskandar, well, he's technically not in VQueen but he's also in our dance club and our family :)
It's really too bad that we're actually missing one person here, Cynthia, whose attending culinary academy in Singapore. We miss you girl...

Camomile Tea 

Seafood Risotto
Not bad, the portion is pretty small yet so dense. I love the seafood but the risotto is pretty mediocre

I miss my girls a lot!!! And I miss dancing... SO MUCH.

Sorry, no proper outfit post since I could barely stand straight.. (Yes, can you spot how I always try to cover my left foot?) LOL

Love, Andreina

Friday, November 2, 2012

Eye Candy #2

Yelloooo earthlings! It's friday already so here it is! Another Eye Candy!! :D
It's really sad that I can't go to any halloween event this year because of my injured foot :(
But this is STILL week of halloween!! So reviewing halloween now, is not that late.. I guess.

Anyway, I will not reviewing what celebs wore to the halloween but rather than that, I'm gonna reviewing about one of my favorite series' characters wore on their halloween special episode.
Guess what?

It's Pretty Little Liars!! Yayy!
I'm gonna pick my top 3 characters' costume on their halloween special episode.

3. Emily Fields

credits to

Emily looks real hot in her Barbarella's costume, the futuristic version. Well, she's no Jane Fonda but she's rocking it! :)

2. Adam Lambert

credits to

I can't believe I just watch Adam in PLL! He sang "Cuckoo" and "Tresspassing" in the show and I'm loving it! <33
And the fangs!!!! Who knows old style vampire could be this cute? 

1. Toby Cavanaugh & Spencer Hastings

It could be because I ship them but I really squeal when the walk out from that gas (?). SUPER HOT! Their gazes are perfect!
Their costumes are rather simple, but I seriously love how their so fit to their costumes. (And probably because I'm so biased) LOL
I really couldn't find clear photos for Toby (Keegan Allen) so I guess this is the best I could find.

Love, Andreina