Friday, October 26, 2012

Eye Candy!

So, I decided to make this weekly segment on my blog. And I named it (drumroll please) EYE CANDY! (Well duh- the title gives it away after all)
It's basically, me blabbering things that caught my eyes this week :) It's not necessary about fashion but things that really got my interest, it could be song, drama, viral video, or anything!
I'll post this segment every Friday (GMT +7) YAYY!!
And finally, I present you! EYE CANDY #1!

So, it might be late to reviewing S/S 2013 Fashion Show but it guess it's never late to talk about this brand, CHANEL!
Rather than talking about the gloriously large scale fashion show of them, I will featured my own BEST5 of Chanel this season. And it's not (almost) about the clothes but rather, what compliments it.

5. The Heels

This season of Chanel actually got plenty of colorful heels but this one is my ultimate favorite. It didn't really caught my eye at first, but after few outfits, I just realize how this heels perfectly compliment the outfits. Let's just say that this heels existence feels like chocolate chips in your cookies. It's small and ain't really noticeable, but after you taste it, it's actually the best part. Make sense? No?

4. The PVC Hat

This hat is just amazing. With the pvc part being the highlight, I might need to say goodbye to my felt floppy hat now.

Yes, this creme pink hat needs solo shot. Because it's THAT amazing.

3. The Pearls

The pearlssssss..... I'm pretty sure that pearls accessories are the hit for this s/s 2013. It's not just sweet or glamourous, it's BOTH! And the necklace slash choker one also screams "Just because I wear pearls doesn't mean I'm not tough!" Yeah, you just instantly got this glamorous firm woman kind of feel.

2. The Leather Gloves

I never say this out loud, but I just love gloves, so much! And this gloves is no exception!! This is just pure hotness. For my taste, I think it'll look better without the button (or pearls). But hey, who am I to tell Karl Lagerfeld what's good and what's not. LOL

1. The wholelookistooamazingthaticantevenfindtheperfecttitle

Yeah.. this is just perfection. Out of nowhere, Sigrid Agren suddenly walk with this AWESOME bodysuit with AWESOME bag and LOOK AT HER SUNNIES!!!!!! Did i just saw Coco Chanel's silhouette??? I.WANT.ONE!
Sorry for extreme caps lock, I just can't help it. It's just too amazing for words. I think this whole look represent classic Chanel. As in big modified classic Chanel quilted bag, the symbol of Chanel on the bodysuit. And to wrap it up, we got Coco Chanel on the top! Thanks Karl!

Love, Andreina

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Need Luck

First of all, I feel terribly sorry for my unofficial hiatus for a month!
My Korean Course have been keeping me super busy these past few weeks and I'm sorry to say that I don't think I could post any outfit post in few weeks.
Well, I got this minor accident last saturday that made me couldn't use my left foot temporarily. It's not fractured or anything, but deeply wounded indeed.
So my brother rode me back home by his motorcycle yesterday afternoon. And when I was near to my house already, my shoe laces stuck to motor chain and pull my foot to the rim of his motor. I don't know what exactly happened since I'm in so much pain and I focused onto how I freed my foot from those things.
Apparently, It was pretty awful. My dad hurriedly took me to IGD (some care unit for patients that need to be handled quickly) and it turns out pretty bad that I could saw my tendon achilles. (It sounds somehow more horror than it actually was)
They brought me to surgery room and stitched my apparently-deep-and-ultra-dirty-wounds. I saw my stitches yesterday for the first time and GOD, i swear Frankenstein's stitches are real because it looked pretty much like those!
Anyway, I was hospitalized for one night and bed resting for few weeks.
It's really too bad! But I promise to do more review posts in this period.
So... Wish me luck! Cuz i need tons of those ;)

Love, Andreina