Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Count the Steps that You Take

This is gonna be sad post people, beware.

First of all, I feel terribly sorry for not posting in such a long time. It's been hella hectic week for me to be honest. Imma make sure to post more often :)

For this post, lemme quote (another) song that exactly describe my feeling right now.

When you walk away, I count the steps that you take. Do you see how much I need you right now?

 It's Avril Lavigne's When You're Gone. I'm not breaking up with my bf peeps, but he went to USA for studies yesterday, so I've been in major typhoon mood right now.
I promised myself not to cry anymore, but it still feels like if someone touch this subject one more time, i might cry. Again.
All of this still feels surreal for me. Me and my best friend (also my bf's best friend) talked last night, about how we missed him. How we never expected him to be the one who left us first. He was always the joker and the lazy one among us. It feels so unreal that he's in other side of the world now when we usually talked and hang out until midnight together.

That line, that I quoted above, reminds me a lot to the moment when I watched him walked pass the check-in gate in airport. Even on that moment, he already felt so far. And I really do felt every single steps that he took, felt so painful.

Anyway, these photos were taken in front of my bf's house and was taken by him. Also, with his super cutedog, Chassy! 

Oversized Dark Blue Sweater - Pull&Bear
USA Flag Work Bag - Mata - Mata
Chain Metalic Blue Flats - Calliope
Studded Light Denim Jeans - Gaudi (I add the studs myself :))

Love, Andreina

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Still Remember This Moment

Back then when I was a kid, I was a big fan of airport. It's just really exciting to me, knowing that when I go to airport, means I'll go to somewhere exciting.
But now, airport is up in my list for "Places that I hate the most"
Imma quote (again) this one particular tweet from my friend.
"We used to cry over our goodbyes, but as we grow, faking smiles seems like the only option"
Most of my friends are going abroad for studies. Me either. But since I'm going to Korea where they adapt Spring Semester as their first semester, I'm still at Jakarta till late February.

I know the feeling now. How it feels to be left and separated. One word, Painful.

And this outfit was actually what I wore to one of my friend's farewell dinner. I got a lot of farewell dinner's invitation recently. *sighs*

Neon Orange Tank Top - Zara
White Bodycon Skirt - (My friend's online shop)
Neon Yellow Flats - Calliope

Anyway, in case you haven't notice (well i'm pretty sure nobody notice it, LOL). I just made Facebook page for this blog! Imma share more stuffs to droll and update about my blog, so make sure you like it and have a nice day everyone! :D

Love, Andreina