Friday, July 27, 2012

Step by Step

Half-hearted effort will earns nothing
I learn this one lesson today. Everything happened for a reason. In order to achieve my ultimate goal, I need to give up certain things in my life. It's tough indeed. But I guess it'll worth million bucks when I could achieve my goal. In my life, I just wish for one thing, the future me, looking back to the past, and won't regret every single thing of it :)

Animal Print Detached Collar - A for Andreina
Shredded Cream Top - Gaudi
Black Leather Shorts - Chocochips
Nude Pumps - Forever21

Love, Andreina

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Take Me or Leave Me

Call it curse! Or just call me blessed. If you can handle my worst, you ain't getting my best. Is this  how Marilyn Monroe felt?
Yes, you guess it right! I'm quoting Nicki Minaj's song Marilyn Monroe. I knew this song since long time ago, but this song just recently pasted in my brain with glue gun that it can't stop ringing in my head.  Well, probably because I really love the lyrics and -don't bash me- i actually kinda like Nicki Minaj. Mostly because of her song and lyrics, also her rapping style.
I have another favorite lyrics in this song, and this is where I got my title for this post.
Take me, or leave me. I'll never be perfect, believe me I'm worth it. So take me or leave me
Anyway, I'm planning to launch something like mini clothing line soon. I don't know when but I hope it's as soon as possible. And also possible giveaway from my mini clothing line! ;)

Animal Print Sleeveless Shirt  - A for Andreina
Screws Necklace - Yuan
Pale Turquoise Skinny Jeans - Zara
Light Blue Bag - Pull & Bear

Love, Andreina

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sharon's Sleepover Party

Last Friday, my friend, Sharon Putri was celebrating her belated birthday with SLEEPOVER!! We just love sleepover! food, movies marathon, food again, monopoly, and stuffs.. hahaha
And since Sharon is an avid fan of Marvel. We were doing Marvel Movie Marathon with Marvel-themed cupcakes and Captain America's Cake!! Talk about exciting!!!

 Look at that babies!! So cute right! I'm eating my favorite Hawk Eye Cupcake! I think the best one is the Arc Reactor! But taste wise, the best has got to be Human Torch since it used frosting rather than icing.

The cake maker misspelled my friend's name. She wrote Shanon rather than Sharon. So she (Sharon) smudged the "n". And voila! 

drooling right now... The cake taste really good! :P

And here is the birthday girl!!! :))

Overall, we were having so much fun! Thanks to ci Sharon for hosting this awesome sleepover :) I wish all the good things and may God bless you in every aspect in your life. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! <3

Love, Andreina

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dinner for Two

Last week was my 1st year anniversary with my boyfriend. We were having a dinner at new restaurant, Double Bay at Formule 1 Hotel, Menteng. I was searching for plenty restaurant for dinner, and since it was dinner for two, I think it would be perfect if the restaurant wasn't so crowded. (for all of you who live in Jakarta, you know how hard it is. hahaha)
And then I found this lovely new place, that just has been opened for several months. Nice!

Cream Long Sleeves Top - Unbranded
Peach Tribal Skirt -  Forever 21
Crocodile Skin Cream Handbag - MANGO
Yellow Leopard Fang Bracelet/Necklace - Forever 21

Cool Like Mango
I love this cooler! Not too sweet and there are lots of kiwi and mango. But I think they put too much ice in there.

Grape Crusher
Made from berries and tea. Taste pretty good. But I guess it's too sweet for my taste :)

Pan Fried Dory in Butter Sauce
I'm loving the color they put on the plate. Always love dory fish's tenderness. And I think they did really great job combining it with mashed potato and bacon. As I love salty food a lot, this dish really compliment my taste buds.

Vodka Smoked Salmon Cream Fettucini
This is what my boyfriend ordered. I never a big fan of creamy pasta. But when I taste this pasta. I'm pretty shocked because the taste is completely different with what I imagined. I don't know how to explain this but to conclude it I think you really wouldn't caught bored eating it.

Butterscotch Apple Crumble
The ice cream was REALLY GOOD!! I love the apple slice in it and the crumbles also add some nice crunchy taste. But since I hate raisin, I had to get rid of the raisins in it.

Me and my boyfriend. Yayy for 1 year!! :)

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unemployment Summer

Before summer holiday, I really thought that I will find some nice freelance or part-time jobs since I believe this super long holiday is gonna be so boring. But it turns out to be another unemployment summer for me. -____-"
It's really really difficult to even find part time vacancies!! :( What to do with my unintentional extravagant holiday... I'm really bad at handling money.. This is pretty sad ._.

Black Kimono Outerwear - Invio 
Rounded Zipper Necklace - Gaudi
Black Tank Top - Unbranded
Broken White Tulle Skirt - Unbranded
Black Heels - Charles & Keith
Love, Andreina