Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lifting Up the Heavy

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”        - Stephen R. Covey 
I went to hang out with my best friends from Middle School last Friday. I always fascinated on how we all could befriended till now. Technically, we're bunch of girls who have (almost) entirely different personalities.
I just don't understand how we could get along so well, feel real comfortable with each other and how we could converse for hours without realizing it! Too bad 2 friends of mine couldn't come because of they've start their college life in advanced. (One in ITB Bandung, Indonesia and one in Diablo Valley College, California)
Aahhh, this reminds me to something, Seven in One Stroke.

We ate at Pizza Marzano, Grand Indonesia.

I ordered Lasagna there. First thing that I noticed is the portion. It's really big portion especially for girl. And for the taste, the significant amount of cheese melted in my mouth. I think they put a lot of mozzarella in it. But I think they put too much ricotta cheese though.

We also ordered Romana Pizza with Meat Bolognese. I like the taste, although I think they should make it more crunchy hahaha. One thing that I didn't like from this pizza is surprisingly the meatball. It tastes too bland.

I bought this little Red Velvet Cupcake at Lees Patisserie at Food Hall, Grand Indonesia for only 16k! It could be one of the best red velvet cake in town! Seriously, it's really moist and tastes not too sweet. And the cream cheese frosting is really really delicious! I recommend this cupcake! <33

Love, Andreina

Friday, June 22, 2012

Same Sky, Different Time

Time flies real quick nowadays. And without realizing it, I've started my college life in advance. I'm going to Busan, Korea for my undergraduate studies next spring. But before that, I need to attend this course that was held in Slipi to learn Korean Language and Korean Culture. (Yeah, something like foundation)
I wonder what will happened next spring, me in Korea, excited indeed. I desperately want to go there ASAP. But I also wondering, what if it's not as great? what if i can't adapt? what if I can't understand every single thing they're saying? (that's indeed, a lot of "what if")
I couldn't do anything unless pray and rely on what God will prepare for me right? hahaha
Anyway, I wish all of high school graduate this year would prepare and get ready for new, fun life ahead! :) GOODLUCK!

Cream Top - My mom's closet
Red Jegging - Unbranded
Light Brown Postman Bag - ZARA
Pointed Abstract Heels - Bellagio
Bicycle Necklace - Summer Wipe Out '12 (Anas' booth)

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Wipe Out!

This was taken while I was attending Summer Wipe Out last Saturday at Ninotchka a.k.a. Sonia Eryka's cafe. Summer Wipe Out is actually one of the annual garage sale from Indonesia's famous fashion bloggers which arranged by Sonia Eryka (almost) every season since 2011 (if  i'm not mistaken, lol!).
Anyway, I bought some really good stuffs there! Can't wait for another garage sale! :)

Slaber -shaped(?) Necklace - Lovely Shop
Black Lace Tank - Unbranded
Little Red Belt - Unbranded
Nude Pleated Maxi Skirt - A for Andreina
Pastel Brown Oxford Shoes - Calliope

(Me with Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform)

(Me with Cindy Karmoko from Hippie Gone Mad)

(Me with Michelle Hendra from Miss Chelle)

Love, Andreina

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flower in the Dust

I was attending my neighbor slash childhood friends 17th Birthday Party in The Media Hotel. The dress code for the party was Green Top and Skirt, so here is what I wore...

(My lazy eyes STRIKES AGAIN!! -______-")

Pale Green Sleeveless Top - NYLA
Floral Skirt - Gaudi
Little Black Belt - Unbranded
Black Bangles - The Little Things She Needs
Lacey  Black Stilettos  - Charles & Keith

Love, Andreina

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

I really gotta be honest with you guys. I have this little guilty pleasure that, I admit, sometimes I can't control. And that is.. My addiction to Korean Drama.
Yea, yeah i know, people would think weird of me because of this. But I really just can't help it! What I'm about to write, is a little brief reviews about 2 dramas that has made my world upside down (seriously! i don't get how i could be so emotionally involved because of this 2 dramas! yes, i'm such a crybaby -_-)

1. King 2 Hearts

This drama was so WELL-WRITTEN! About the whole South and North thingy, i know that it was all impossible (at least for now). But the whole story itself, give more than mere romantic, but politic war, officers' life, royal family and many else. So I don't think guys wouldn't bored to death watching this.
The casts was perfect! Their acting was so sharp and really real. And I even must admit that the bad guy here, is really good, both brain wise as his character and acting wise as an actor.
This is also maybe the first K-drama ever that made me cry a river in almost every single latest episodes (because the first 4-9 episodes are hilarious!)
And of course, UNPREDICTABLE! (because I HATE predictable drama)
My Rate = 9.5/10
Check out the synopsis HERE! | Watch it with english subs HERE! 

2. Queen In Hyun's Man

To be honest, I started watching this drama because of the main actor confessed that he LOVES the main actress IN PUBLIC, IN THEIR FANMEETING! How sweet was that? (i'm such a girl, lol!)
And I finished it in 2-3 days! Because it was THAT good! It was BOTH hilarious and sad at the same time.
The storyline was well balanced with pretty heavy conflict from Joseon Era (around year 1600-ish Korean History) and really light and sweet in modern days part. Yes, this drama is about time travel.
And what made me love this drama more is, the very REAL chemistry between the main actors! I really think they should date in real life! (and after the main actor's confession, the reason of their surreal chemistry is explainable, HAHAHA)
And as always, UNPREDICTABLE!! Because for the first time in my "k-drama watching" history, I give up the thought of having happy ending for the drama! (no worries peeps, it's happy ending drama! they just made us think that there's no way out, lol!)
My Rate = 9/10
Check out the synopsis HERE! | Watch it with english subs HERE!
Watch his confession with english subs HERE!

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movie Guide #3

Another movie reviews!!!! yayyy! Watched Madagascar 3 few hours ago :) Lovely!
Without further ado, here's the brief review!

Madagascar 3 : Europe Most Wanted

Another Madagascar movie!!! LOVE this sequels so much! Always entertaining! I'm soooooo eager to watch the Saragoza *slash* Afro Circus!! Real awesome! (although it's obviously not possible)
I bet kids are having so much time watching this movie! Though sometimes while I'm watching, I need to keep reminding myself to think like a youngster kids because the whole movie is already too impossible! (and it's much more impossible than mere talking animals and beware with so much random things in this movie!) And the movie somehow feels so short (not that it's a bad thing though, since they probably don't want the kids fall asleep. hahaha)
My Rate = 8/10

Love, Andreina

Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Guide #2

Movie Guide numberrrrrr (drumroll pleaseee) ...... 2!
I actually watched these movies last week, but haven't really got the chance to blog it out (although I actually kind of free everyday -_-)
Well, no more blab, here are the reviews :)

1. Lock Out

Unexpectedly pretty good! I'm loving Guy Pearce now! His character here is reallyreally cool, like we can rest assure because he made us believe that he can handle it no matter what happened (lol! now he sounds real cool rite?)
As for the whole movie, I think it's pretty simple and straight-forward with twist in the end. There are some  parts that need more explanation though. (it's mostly in the end so i'm not going to give spoiler to you guys)
My Rating = 7/10

2. Snow White and the Huntsman

The long anticipated Tim Burton movie! Two words for this movie, CHARLIZE-THERON! She is AMAZING i tell ya! Perfect wicked witch (or stepmom).  I'm no fan of Kristen Stewart and this movie didn't make me her fan either because I always feel that she has this same expression every time if you know what I mean. (no offense to stewart fans).
Nevertheless, the graphic was BEAUUUUTIFUL!! Especially the fairy land and the white deer (sorry, i don't know what it's called. lol) and even the dark forest!
My complain is, once again, the ending part! It just felt flat and didn't work for me. 
My Rating = 8/10

Tell me what do you guys think about the movies above if you watched it too.
I'm gonna watch Prometheus and Madagascar later! So, expect another movie guide coming up! :)

Love, Andreina

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Never Disappoints

Feel like dressing up in color because of SUMMER!! I can't believe it's summer holiday now! (Well, although I already got my summer holiday in advance)
I want to go to beach againnnnnn :((((((( ooh I miss Bali! I demand for more BALI TRIPPPP!!!

Summer Hat - Sash
Yellow Mustard Tank Top - Unbranded
Peach Mullet Skirt - Gaudi
Light Brown Oxford Shoes - Calliope
Fringe Necklace - Gaudi

Anyway, It was my 11 months anniversary with my boyfriend yesterday, yayy! And he got me this really really cute gift!

(Excuse me for my messy room ._.)

Love, Andreina

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Reality

Taken last Wednesday! I went to Kyungsung University Indonesian Headquarters in Slipi to meet the President of Kyungsung Univ. What a rare chance there! And it also includes my very first meeting with the fellow scholars :)
It actually woke me up to reality where I ain't kids anymore, It feels like an alarm for me to stop wasting my time and begin my new life as university student, new reality.

(Temporary Tatoo that I got from my trip to Bali last week, 
designed by my very own friend, Stanley Febriyanto)

Solid Light Pink  Shirt - Unbranded
 2-tiered Lace Skirt - Unbranded
Brown Mini Sling Bag - MANGO
Pointed Dark Grey Heels - Bellagio
Flower Patterned Ring - X(S.M.L)
Mini Hole Rounded Bangles - Gaudi

And here's a little peek of what I wore to my Graduation :)

Gotta post about my trip to Bali later!! =D 

Love, Andreina

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Prom Night : SUMMER

SENIOR PROMMMM!! My senior prom was held in Equinox, Plaza Senayan on Tuesday, 15 May 2012. (Yes, last tuesday)
It was awesome! I thought I won't cry because there's no way I'm ruining my make up hahaha, but I cried. There was some segment like "moment of truth" and there are A LOT of unexpected things happened. So, yeah, mixed feelings definitely. It just so sad to realize that my high school is officially done! And also realizing how precious your memories with your friends in high school, this is something that can't be repeated.
Anyway, enough with the tears. The DJ was awesome although we couldn't see him/her because of the background decoration, LOL. My thighs and calves are hurting like crazyyy .___.


(After Prom!)

Dress - A for Andreina
Black Heels - Charles&Keith
Black Studded Oversized Clutch - Unbranded
Black Bangles - The Little Thing She Needs

So here are some photos that I took :) Not much and not really clear, sorry..
Btw, I decided that I'm going to design my own prom dress and here it is. With the help of my super-duper-ultra talented friend, Sharon Putri who helped me to do some finishing touches for this design.
(The theme is Garden but the venue is in the club so, gotta add a little edgy touch here and there I guess)

Anyway, sorry for ultra late post, I just came back from my beloved trip to Bali with my friends :)

Love, Andreina