Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Apologizing and Messed Up ._.

Yelloooo everyone! It's been a very busy weeks for me so I'm really sorry for being MIA recently.
The truth is, I've been pretty packed with Senior Prom, trip to Bali and my Graduation in this 2 weeks. No pressure. LOL. And I've just bought new laptop so I'm still not really sure how to operate it. I'm using Macbook now, so I guess I still need few moments to operate this as usual.
And furthermore, I'm still downloading Adobe Photoshop now, Gosh it takes a lot of time to download it. -_-
Anyway, I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!! And I couldn't be more satisfied with my score, It was shocking that I actually did pretty good with my scores :))
But I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna miss high school, I've been watching Glee Season 3 Marathon and got teared up a lil because I realized that the whole goodbye process they've been through, soon gonna happen to me. Truth hurts indeed.
It's so heart breaking to see how fast the time could go by these days, It feels, suffocating. I hope everything could just stop at the moment and lemme finish my messed up life first. I'm a bit, lost, i guess.

Expect for posts in several days peeps. Gotta wish me luck in this whole adaption :)

Love, Andreina

Monday, May 14, 2012

Will You Know Me?

Gosh, it's been foreeeever since I updated this blog (well, sorry for the exaggeration. :P) Anyway, last Sunday is my grandpa and grandma's birthday.(yes, they share the same birthday, sweet isn't it? :) )
It was celebrated in Bandar Djakarta but not the Ancol branch but in Greenbay Pluit branch. And as always, Bandar Djakarta always have such fresh and delicious food. YUM!
It's really too bad that I wasn't taking that much photos because the lack of light there (And I'm not really fond with flash since it makes my face oily and all)

Shredded Cream Top - Gaudi
Split Sheer Skirt -(Random shop in Orchard, Singapore)
Studded Ivory Flats - Calliope
Brown Mini Sling Bag - MANGO

Anyway, PROM IS COMING UP! Yayyy, pretty excited about it but I really don't prepare much since the theme is kind of confusing and doesn't really match with the venue IMHO. Nevertheless, still hope it will turn out really good since senior prom is once in a lifetime event right?! I guess I should read some Prom 101 now hahaha.. Hope all seniors will have awesome senior prom too!! ^_^

Love, Andreina

Monday, May 7, 2012

AVENGERS! and another great food :)

Last Friday was the premiere of The Avengers in Jakarta so I certainly can't miss this, been waiting for this since Captain America. I actually watched this last Friday right away but didn't really have time to blog it. But here it is, the review :

OHMYGOD!! That was CRAZAAYY!! This movie definitely didn't disappoint me, the effect, the dialogue, everything was so freaking GENIUS! And what makes the movie more special is that every single heroes have their own story and not even one of them were being left out. I can't even point out who is my favorite right now! LOL.
They even add some really funny lines, loving it. The little thing that disturbed me is how fast Banner can control Hulk because he apparently never had so-called training whatsoever.
Entertaining? Yes. Worth Watching? Yes. The Cast? Perfect.
My Rating : 9.5/10

After I watched the movie, me and my friends had dinner in Port er House in PIK.

I ate Grilled Chicken BBQ there, it was sooooo delicious! Despite the small portion, but I really love the taste. The chicken was so tender. YUM!
And I also order English Breakfast Tea, the super-sized cup is actually really funny looking. LOL
We went to Bobabits afterwards :) Actually, I don't really get why people are so addicted to Bobabits, I prefer Chatime to be honest. (No offense to Boba) Nevertheless, It still tastes pretty good :)

(with one of my friend, Rosalina)

Anyway, here's some photo that I took after I got home. I persuade my half-awake brother to get some shot of me. HAHAHA

Black Oversized  Blazer - A for Andreina (Yes, I sew it myself, my first handmade blazer actually)
White Fringe Tank Top - Lilou
Stripes Skirt - Unbranded
Black Lace Flats - The Little Thing She Needs
Mini Tiedye Bag - Pull&Bear

Yayy New Bag!!! I'm loving mini sling bag actually, most of my bags are this kind of sling bag thingy. Those kind of bags are just so cute.

Love, Andreina

Friday, May 4, 2012


Last Sunday, my dance team, VQueen was competing in dance competition held in Plaza Indonesia by High End Teen Magazine, named DANCEsation for students until high school. We didn't have much time to prepare actually so we're performing our first set.
We didn't win but we eventually got the Best Costume. Which is actually the first costume recognition we ever got. The credits all go to our Choreographer/Costume Designer, Erick Hermawan Limans (Super talented indeed!)
And big ups to the winner,  Frivolouz Crew from SMAN81, very talented crew!!

I never got a chance to take a photo of myself head-to-toe so this is the best I got..

I had really great time since this is (if I'm not mistaken) our first competition this year, ohh how I missed dancing lately :))

Love, Andreina