Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie Guide #1

Last week, I've watched several movies in cinema, which probably because I'm too damn bored in this holiday. LOL (Someone please hire me as intern or part time!!) And mostly because I'm missing TONS of movies because of National Exam preparations.
But don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching movies, I even love the smell of popcorn itself :)
Anyway, I'm gonna give a little reviews for some movies that I watched this week.

1. Battleship

Battleship was directed by Peter Berg. It was a science-fiction movie about pretty much early stage of alien invasion that was cancelled by the brave US Navy. You see, this is typical boy movie with robot alien and stuffs but it turns out kind of enjoyable for me, surprisingly. I kind of love how the movie actually gave me at least basic knowledge about US Navy. LOL.
Although this movie is very Transformers-ish, but Battleship is wayyy more simple, i guess. Too simple maybe? Like it almost doesn't involve the people outside the Navy. Or maybe they're saving it for the possible sequel, the next batch of aliens?
But I'm actually expecting for the sequel since the storyline is so broad, they can easily expand it.
Worth watching? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Cliche? Yes.
My Rate : 7.5/10

2. Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? I grew up listening to this line. Legendary line indeed. Everybody loves Snow White. Such brave, delicate but inspirational young woman.
Anyway, it seems that fairy tale rip-off is huge trend in Hollywood, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Mirror Mirror, you named it.
For me, the castle was beautiful, the queen's dress was GORGEOUS and Lily Collins is stunning! But although it was pretty entertaining, it fell too flat for me. Nothing really make an impression. I actually really disappointed in the forest set though, it was mentioned to be "dark and scary" but it seems to be too bright?
For some good laugh, this movie is pretty suitable but i think Snow White movie should be more dark than this (And I'm not making some certain movie reference now. LOL)
Funny? Kind of. Perfect Cast? No. Insane good? No.
My Rate : 6/10

3. 21 Jump Street

HELLA FUNNY!! And not to mention the overload hotness from my all time favorite actor, Channing Tatum!!!
Tons of adult jokes so it's not really recommended for anyone who doesn't get adult jokes.
It also has this sweet brotherhood relationship stuff, real cute.
Entertaining? Yes. Cheap? No. Channing Tatum? YESYESYES! ;)))
My Rate : 8/10

4. Wrath of the Titans

The sequel of Clash of the Titans. I need to complain about the sound quality because I certainly can't grasp the feeling because of the BGM. I don't know whether it's the cinema's problem or the movie itself but it really is a major turn off. The movie and the story line was pretty predictable, so I can't really give a thumbs up either. One thing that caught me in awe is the Underworld's labyrinth.
And by the way, it's so sad watching Poseidon died so fast, he's my all time favorite! (Maybe because of Percy Jackson? hahaha)
Entertaining? Not really. Cast? Nice. Worth watching? Not really either.
My Rate : 3.5/10

Okayy, i know the movies were sooo last month, but don't blame me! I'm so stuck with books and papers few weeks ago that I haven't watch most of the movies in Cinema. 
So how was it? What do you think about the movies?

Love, Andreina

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Softly Burned

As I promise, here is my photos in my yearbook's photo session. It was BURNING HOT there, I can barely opened my eyes because of the sun! Marvelous!
But, I love the weather, I think It was the perfect weather for Middle East-themed photoshoot (Deserts are supposed to be hot right?!). Overall, It was a lot of fun, despite the make up, because apparently my face is kinda hard to deal with. I have small eyes and single eyelids so at first, in every single shot, I have these cross-eyed look. Talk about devastateddd .___.
Anyway, I want to thank my super talented friend, Sharon Putri for helping me to pick out the accessories for this shots and kindly borrowing me the disk bangles and the necklace, xxx. And also thanks to Bernadus Ricky for taking these beautiful photos :)) And at last, thanks to my classmate in 12 Social 3, I'm gonna miss this moment, ooo.

Pattern Maxi Dress - LM for Hardware
Disk Bangles - TOPSHOP
Colorful Pearl Bangles - (I stole it from my mom's closet)
Bangles (in the right hand) - Urban Twist & Random store in Singapore's China Town
Necklace - (Sharon's)
Nude Pumps - Forever 21

Love, Andreina

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simply Festive

Me and my friends was having a lunch at Pancious yesterday to celebrate my best friend, Sandra's belated birthday :)
Excuse me for blurry photos because I totally forgot to bring my camera so I borrowed my friend's iPad.
That Light Brown Mini Postman Bag was actually a gift from my friends for my birthday last February. Totally love it <33

Cream Long Sleeve - Unbranded
Red Skirt - Unbranded
Light Brown Mini Postman Bag - Zara
Screw Necklace - Unbranded
Thin Wire Bangles - (I totally forgot where I bought it, somewhere in Kelapa Gading Mall)
Purple Flats - Calliope

I ordered Penne pasta with Bolognese Sauce. Well, pretty safe choice since I'm not really into creamy pasta sauce. The portion was always pretty big in  Pancious you see, the taste was good, for my taste at least :)
(I'm no food critic, don't judge me! LOL)

Well, the photos on the bottom left was actually taken in Secret Recipe, we went there for some dessert. (I didn't order one actually, too full xP)

Love, Andreina

Friday, April 20, 2012

In the Bottom of Sweetness

This was taken last Saturday on my class' yearbook photo session. So we agree to pick "Middle East" as our class' theme. I need to came there earlier so I wore different clothes first rather than wearing the photoshoot's clothes  right away because I know it's gonna be (literally) hot and sweaty, which by the way, I'm totally right on that one! I got sunburn marks on my face and all over my arms :( Tanning goes wrong, eh?!

White Jacket - Exit
Black Bustier - Unbranded
Gold Necklace - Gaudi
Black Flowery Skirt - Et Cetera
Bracelets - Urban Twist & Some random store in Singapore's China Town
Nude Pumps - Forever 21
Handbag - Mango

I'm gonna post my photos in my photoshoot's clothes in next post, I'm still sorting the photos because apparently there are not many good shots after all. (I'm really not photogenic you see. *sigh*)

Yayyy!! It's finally DONE! Today's national exam conclude all the tremendous days preparing for this very last exams. Dog Days are Over babyyy!!! :DDD
Sorry for overexciting, LOL. But I really do worried about my scores though, especially Economy and Geography I just can't get over with how bad I am in those subjects -_-
Anyway, since school days are over, I'm gonna concentrate on my very own new blog here, and I really hope this blog will turns out well :)

Love, Andreina

Sunday, April 15, 2012


As in most of American TV drama such as Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, etc. The first episode always entitled as Pilot. Why?
Pilot represents the first episode which explains how the story starts and how the story will flows. So basically, the first episode named as pilot because it's the "Pilot" who starts the whole "flight". And it's the same thing with this blog, this first post represent what I would write in this blog briefly but (hopefully) clearly and of course, because this is the start :)
Okay, enough with my complicated-and-hard-to-understand gibberish LOL. This is maybe around the 5th blog that I ever made, I never really count it and I usually delete the blog after like 2-3 posts. Not that I don't love writing, I just don't know what to write because apparently my life is freaking boring. LOL
But I've been missing blogging so much that I realized I need to make a new one!
This blog will contain my fashion style, food I love and my thoughts about stuffs (mostly fashion things) and I'm so sorry that I'm not photogenic, I guess I was born this way (I need to quote Gaga for that)
To conclude it, this blog is gonna be about fashion, food and all the luscious things 
Enjoy Reading :))

Love, Andreina